Statement of deputy chairman of the board

Adwaa construction establishment in Riyadh is one of the establishments with long history that in a short time was able to write its name with golden letters among the real estate companies and establishments due to its lofty performance and distinctive manner in dealing with clients endowed it with confidence, respect and appreciation of clients and officials in and outside Riyadh. Adwaa construction has a long history in providing what satisfies our clients and us. We bear in mind a single target , citizen service is at the forefront and last by providing the service which suits the financial capabilities of all classes. We are aware of the responsibility we are tasked with. Praise be to Allah, Adwaa construction has greatly completed many projects in the fields of contracting, maintenance, sanitation and school transportation. Inshaa Allah there are a lot of projects now and in the future.

  • Majid Bin Khaled Hammoud El-Farag
  • Deputy chairman of the board